In a recent study, Wisconsin has been rated the number two state in the United States with the most amount of free time. It's no wonder they drink so much.

I've been up to Wisconsin many times in my life, so I understand those people know how to party.

They consistently have several cities and colleges ranked in the top party places.

How do they have so much time to party?

According to,

"A recent study conducted by Coleman Furniture looked at the states where people have the most and least amount of free time."

They used the following information from the Bureau Labor of Statistics and American Community Survey.

  • Time spent commuting.
  • Average hours worked in a week.
  • Percentage of available vacation time used.

Wisconsin finished just behind Maine to come in second place.

Well, with all this extra free time, I guess they need to do something. Since the "unofficial hobby" there is drinking. It makes sense they would use that bonus time to get drunk.

By the way, I have nothing against Wisconsin. I have a lot of friends that live there. I believe each one of them would agree with me.


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