If you think I'm not going to squeeze in a few puns or poo-related jokes when explaining what happened on a Wisconsin interstate last you I have one question for you, who you crappin'? This would stink. I would be one of the few occasions when yelling, "There's $#!% on the road!" and you might not be wrong.


This scenario is an excellent example of why it is imperative that you are free from distraction while driving, especially on an interstate when it's not the brightest outside. Even if you're hands-free but look at a screen, radio, or another passenger, things go from great to crappy at a moment's notice.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Final Destination Moment?

Have you ever been driving behind a truck carrying a heavy load and thought, "I wonder what would happen it ____ fell off that truck right now?" It is very much a Final Destination question but I find myself thinking of that from time to time while driving. It's twisted and borderline irrational, I know. But, crazy things happen. This event is an example.

"I tried my best to swerve out of the way, but it hit my driver’s side, causing me to pull over,” said driver Alex Hilario.

A Wisconsin television station shared frightening footage of something many of twisted folks have thought about. Not only were there witnesses but there is actual video footage. Get ready to be even more anxious when you're following a vehicle towing large objects.

According to WISN, a flatbed truck was carrying porta potties when they suddenly slid off the trailer. A few toppled over after they hit the ground but most of them remained standing. It was dark outside causing some drivers to smash right through them causing significant damage.

WISN via Wisconsin Department Of Transportation

You have to watch the video but it's as crazy as it sounds. You can view it here.

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