If you live in Illinois and want to move away, you won't have to go too far.

That's because Wisconsin was just recognized as one of America's Best States to Live In according to WalletHub.

Photo by Anthony Fomin on Unsplash
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Ranked 6th overall, behind Minnesota, Idaho, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, Wisconsin scored a 60.94 overall.

Wisconsin scored in the top 10 for Education & Health, Quality of Life, and Safety.

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Interestingly, Wisconsin ranked 32nd in Affordability when compared to the rest of America. Not sure what that's all about but apparently, living in Wisconsin is just slightly less expensive than living in Illinois which came in 37th in the same category.

Speaking of, Illinois scored 18th on the list of best states to live in America. Illinois ranked 49th in the economy but 3rd and 8th in the US in the Quality of Life and Safety categories.

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

So there's the good and bad when either living in Wisconsin or Illinois.

Serious question, as a Chicago football fan, is it OK to live in Wisconsin and still root for the Bears? Can we still talk trash about the Packers?

Regardless of the answer, it could be worse. New Mexico was ranked as the worst state to live in ranking 48th in Economy, 47th in Health and Education, and 50th in Safety.

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