Wisconsin could have some cheese competition in the future.

I remember as a kid traveling up to Wisconsin with my family. We would take weekend trips and visit all over the state including the Wisconsin Dells, Door County, and Milwaukee.

Since Wisconsin is know as "American's Dairyland," it's basically the cheese capitol of the United States. I would get excited when we stopped, because there would be a gas station, cheese store, and fireworks stand combo. My parents wouldn't let me get any fireworks, so I would settle on some cheese instead. I would always pick out string cheese.

If you wanted good cheese, you would go to Wisconsin. When driving through Wisconsin, you would always stop at a cheese store. Many people would have a favorite place to shop for cheese.

Well now, Wisconsin may have some future competition when it comes to cheese.

If they are successful in creating a process to make cheese on a 3D printer, what kind of effect could this have on the state of Wisconsin? Would people still travel there to purchase cheese? Would you eat cheese made on a 3D printer?

If that technology is possible, what could be next? Pizza? Hamburgers? Nuggets?


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