Back in 2005, a Wisconsin man named, Sean Kobin, spent his Thanksgiving behind bars. His bizarre, sick, strange, crazy, (did I say sick) sexual compulsion...Git him thrown in jail. SG 

Sean gets off on watching women get ill. Puke. Throw up. Toss cookies....this is what, "satisfies" him. Here's the deal, brace yourself. He gives them a caustic liquid substances, that makes them throw up...and he enjoys that. Eww!!

The substance he gave to Chrystal Kolinski, is something he used is something he uses at his job that strips aluminum from it's obviously very, very potent and strong. He gave this to Chrystal to consume, and then videos it. This is something he enjoys watching during his alone time.

He was arrested when Chrystal became violently ill and had to be taken to the hospital. This is stuff is so toxic, she's lucky to be alive. She had internal burns to her throat and stomach.

Chrystal did this ONCE BEFORE with Sean, when he talked her into drinking drain cleaner so he could watch it and video it for his own satisfaction. WTH

This isn't the first time that Sean pulled this sick joke....He actually did this to some teenage girls which got him thrown on a sexual offenders list in Wisconsin.  He convinced the teenage girls into drinking bleach, which made them get violently ill.

This piece of garbage spent that Thanksgiving behind bars, and hopefully has sipped some of his own potions.

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