In Wisconsin, the number one seller of old-fashioned drinks breaks the world record.

Before I Get Started, I Have A Couple Of Questions.

First of all, what is an old-fashioned drink?

According to,

"Definition of an old fashioned: A cocktail usually made with whiskey, bitters, sugar, a twist of lemon peel, and a small amount of water or soda."

My second question, what is a supper club?

According to, 

"A Wisconsin supper club is an independently owned, fine-dining destination restaurant, typically in a picturesque locale on the edge of town."

Now that I have that figured out, we can get started.


Residents of Wisconsin Love To Eat And Drink

I am a big fan of going up to Wisconsin to visit because they really know food and beverages. Trust me, you are not going to be eating healthy north of the border. Plus, be ready for that big-time hangover the next day. Cheeseheads are experts in both so they can handle it. Residents from Illinois try to hang but it never quite works out.

Welcome to Wisconsin

Part of the experience is not doing the normal thing. You will not be eating in a restaurant on your trip. Instead, your meal is at a supper club. Do not even bother ordering your regular drink because an old-fashioned is the Wisconsin beverage of choice in that situation. Do not forget that everything runs just a little bit slower up there too.


Record-Breaking Summer At Wisconsin Supper Club

Well, since I have shared all the important background information with you, it is now time to talk about this amazing world record. I think it will blow your mind. Ishnala is a very popular supper club on Mirror Lake in Wisconsin. It is only open April through October which makes this whole thing even more unbelievable. Just a quick side note, the owner is Bob Prosser from the Hoffman House in Rockford.

Back Of The Baseball Card Stats

So if there was a baseball card for this scenario, here is what the stats on the back would say.

  • 93,738 old-fashioned sold this year.
  • 455 sold per day.
  • 40% of customers order an old-fashioned.
  • Closed only one day during the season (April through October).
  • Previous record 52,438 in 2019.
  • Should be a world record, they have applied for Guinness World Record (can take up to 16 weeks for a response).

How Is This Even Possible

According to, 

"Arguably one of Wisconsin’s most popular supper clubs, Ishnala does not take reservations — a recipe that often leads to two-plus-hour waits on summer weekends, plenty of time to sip a cocktail or two on one of the restaurant’s decks or at two bars overlooking the lake."

The whole thing is pretty darn impressive. I really hope this record is made official.

For more info, HERE.

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