There's collections, then there's record breaking collections.

What do you like to collect? Maybe it's something small like trinkets or figurines. It could even be bigger like furniture or cars. But is it as unique as this Smurf collection? That's for you to decide. (I'm going to go ahead and assume this Smurf collection takes the blue cake)

So who's got the blues? Gerda Scheuers, 47 of Ripon, WI. is the Smurf lover. The funniest part of this new record is that she is breaking her own previous world record. Gerda originally set the Guinness record for largest collection of Smurf memorabilia in 2014, when she was certified as having 6,320 unique items.

Which sounds like A LOT of Smurf stuff to have. That was until she nearly doubled her own collection and simultaneously broke her own world record. So what's her new Smurf count?

11,455 unique items


Personally, I had trouble picturing just how much Smurf stuff Gerda had. It's basically a Smurf house at this point.

Gerda says she started keeping her Smurfs items safe when she was 7 or 8 years old and her brother damaged one of her toys. Ever since she wanted to preserve her Smurf toys. So what's her next record goal? Well, she's actually passing the torch to the next collector. UPI details -

Scheuers said she stopped counting her collection after obtaining the latest record, and she invites other collectors to take a shot at claiming the title.


She also says she thinks her collection is worth around $100,000 if she ever wanted to sell it.


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