To join a record-breaking event in Wisconsin, grab a Santa suit and ride.

The Holidays Are The Best

I really love the holidays. Especially, in places like Wisconsin and Illinois. I understand that the weather is not ideal but you can not tell me you get the same holiday experience in a place like Florida. There are so many fun and strange activities. Plus, how about all the charitable fundraisers this time of year. It is awesome when you can combine them together.

Unique Holiday Event In Wisconsin

I believe this is definitely a "must-see for yourself" type of event.

According to,

"Welcome to The Return of the Rampage! The world's largest holiday-themed costume group bicycle ride for charity! We are so glad to be able to be back and ride in the winter wonderland with all of you!"

Yes, you read that correctly, a record number of people are participating. I mean literally thousands. They are dressing up as Santa and riding a bike throughout the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Does that not sound truly amazing?

More Details For The Santa Cycle Rampage In Milwaukee

This ride started sixteen years ago. It is Saturday, December 4th from 9 am to 11 am. It starts at the Bike Fed office at 187 East Becher Street in Milwaukee. It is a ten-mile loop ride. There are no stops on the route but the pace is a slow roll. The path is available on Google Maps. Holiday-themed costumes are encouraged. It benefits local charities. For more info and to purchase tickets, HERE.

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