An ice carousel makes winter fun in Wisconsin.

I am not a hater when it comes to winter. I understand I live in Northern Illinois and it is going to happen every year. Some years it may be shorter, it could start early, not hit us until later, or just crush us during the whole season. At some point, a form of nasty weather will work its way into Rockford.

If it is going to be cold, I much rather have some snow on the ground. I do not want to be freezing while looking at the grass. I get frustrated when the temperatures reach subzero digits for several days, like this year or when there is a bunch of snow all at once. It makes getting to work before the sun comes up a little difficult. Besides that, I am all good.

I know some people, they just complain about winter every single day. That is not going to do anything but make you depressed. It is just better to accept the weather for what it is. Plus, there are a lot of fun activities that you can only do during this time of year. Things like skiing, sledding, skating, and so much more.

Wisconsin is one of those states that just gets it when it comes to the cold, snow, and ice. They have so many interesting things to do during the winter months. They use a lot of creativity to keep the children active. This latest idea is amazing. It is an ice carousel.

According to,

"As part of the process, they drill a hole and put a metal pipe in and take a 52-foot cable and make a circle. Then it’s time to start cutting. Once it's cut, to get it started they drive a couple of ice screws into the ice and connect a rope to an ATV and pull it to grind the edge and get the momentum going. From there, a 2.5 HP trolling motor takes over the work. Once you get it started, it just keeps going.”

Check out some videos from the Kenosha News on YouTube to see how it works...

I will definitely want to check it out next year.

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