This massive soft-serve cone in Wisconsin should be on the "must-try" list for any fans of ice cream in the Midwest.

The Ultimate Summer Treat In Wisconsin

I have to be honest, I realize that ice cream is the ultimate summer treat but I'll definitely eat it any time of year. In fact, there's always room for ice cream. It is a big food weakness of mine. It's hard to pass on one whenever I'm offered this tasty dessert. When it comes to sweets, ice cream is far and away my favorite.

The Hunt For The Best Ice Cream In Wisconsin

I like to go on what I call ice cream adventures. That's trying to find the best places to get the tasty treat. Have you ever noticed that a lot of the best ice cream parlors in Wisconsin, Illinois, or anywhere else's are in small towns? They're usually owned by a family and the products are homemade. When we go on vacation, our family is looking for the next great ice cream shop. We've found some delicious ones through the years.

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Wisconsin Ice Cream Parlor On "Must-Try" List

I have discovered a new ice cream parlor in Wisconsin. It's called Briq's Soft Serve. It's a family-owned chain that is located in seven different cities north of the "Cheddar Curtain" including Weston, Wausau, Mosinee, Rib Mountain, Wausau Riverlife, Minocqua, and Rhinelander.

Wisconsin's Home Of The One-Pound Ice Cream Cone

Briq's Soft Serve in Wisconsin features many different types of ice cream-related treats on their menu but there is one thing that they are known for across the state. That is the one-pound ice cream cone. Yes, you read that correctly. They have a soft serve cone that weighs one full pound. It has to be one of the biggest out there.

According to, 

We are the proud “Home of the One Pound Cone” ®, with hundreds of customers inducted into our prestigious One Hundred Pound Club: after eating 100 of our large cones (“the pounder”®), members are rewarded with free ice cream for two days each summer, for the rest of their lives, along with exclusive discounts throughout the year.

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