If you're into ghosts and haunted tours, then you won't want to miss visiting one of the most haunted and scariest locations in all of Wisconsin.

Ghost Tour Of Former Insane Asylum In Wisconsin

I will admit that I was pretty skeptical when it came to ghosts. The first experience I had was at the Coronado Performing Arts Center. That did nothing to change my mind. I was disappointed because of the history.

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My next haunted adventure was at Veterans Memorial Hall. Another place famous for its ghosts. Still not what I expected. I guess the third time was the charm. Tinker Swiss Cottage convinced me that ghosts are real.

Now, that I've had that experience with ghosts I would like to do more. I heard about a place in Wisconsin that has made my "must-visit" list. If you're into the paranormal you might want to check it out too. It's not for the easily scared.

The Fox Valley Ghost Hunters in Wisconsin are hosting tours of the Sheboygan Insane Asylum. That would be a creepy enough place if it was still open. Then throw in the fact that it's old and rundown. Plus, haunted by many ghosts that went through some difficult times as a human. That has the makings of something very frightening.

Fox Valley Ghost Hunters

There is a twist to this ghostly adventure. This is a three-hour paranormal tour. Two of the hours are guided by experts. For that final hour, you are on your own to freely roam the former insane asylum. Now, that sounds exciting and frightening at the same time which isn't a bad thing.

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