One Wisconsin company thought giving cash to its employee was far too impersonal, even if they would use it to pay off some bills.

Instead, that felt the gift of a gun was a more appropriate choice.

Paul Moore
Paul Moore

The father-son team company, BenShot LLC,  didn't just hand out guns to their employees. To comply with current state laws they presented gift cards to their employees that can be used to purchase the weapon.

BenShot, a Hortonville-based glassmaking company, gained success on Amazon for their shot and beer glasses with bullets embedded into the glass.

Owner Ben Wolfgram said the gift cards for their 16 full-time employees, some that are Veterans, cost the company $8,000.

Wolfgram went on to say:

That way the background check was done by the store,""We are a small, close-knit team at BenShot. I want to make sure all of employees are safe and happy – a handgun was the perfect gift."

One employee said that she was grateful for the gift.

Chelsea Priest who works in media relation said:

For him to stand for something and for the company to stand for keeping us safe is really awesome for them to do that,"

I wonder if the rest of the employees are as pleased with their gift as Priest is? Or if they would've just rather had the cash instead?






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