Coming to Rockford, a winter outdoor drive-in movie.

I know there were not a lot of things to be happy about in 2020 but there was one thing that brought me joy. That was the triumphant return of the outdoor drive-in movie theater.

It has been a longtime favorite of mine. My parents took me when I was young. When we got our driver's licenses, my friends and I started to check them out. Then I took my own family when I got older.

There is nothing like being outside in the summertime and watching a movie under the stars. Over the past year, it was a great way to be entertained, maintain social distancing, and be safe.

Luckily, we already had three official drive-ins within driving distance from Rockford. There's the Midway Drive-In in Sterling, McHenry Outdoor Theater in McHenry, and Goetz Sky-Vu Drive-In in Monroe. Plus, a bunch of temporary pop-up ones opened in the area too. I can not wait for the weather to start getting better so I can check them out again.

I actually recently found out that there is a pop-up winter drive-in movie right here in Rockford soon. I know what you are thinking. A drive-in during the winter, no thank you. Please take a minute and think about it. You are in your car with the heat on. You can bring hot chocolate, coffee, and any other beverages along with some tasty treats. Bring some blankets and pillows so you are all set to go. Plus, it will get the family out of the house for a while. You will be socially distanced from everyone else.

According to,

"Join us at Lockwood Park for a drive-in MOOvie! Watch a family-friendly movie up on the big screen from the comfort and safety of your car. Sound from the movie will be transmitted to your car radio."

The date is Friday, February 26th. The parking lot opens at 5 pm and the movie starts at 6 pm. The cost is $12 per car. Tickets must be purchased in advance, HERE. Concessions and restrooms will be available. The flick being shown is the kid's movie, Ferdinand.

For more info, HERE.

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