The newest Deputy Chief in Winnebago County is making history in earning their new title. Tammie Stanley broke barriers to become the first woman to obtain the position of Deputy Chief.

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Stanley is a long-time veteran of the department, starting out as a Corrections Officer 16 years ago. Her most recent position she served as was that of Lieutenant in Machesney Park.

Stanley is hoping her new role will help strengthen the department's ongoing dedication to community policing. Deputy Chief Stanley thinks building strong relationships with the public is more important than ever. Wanting people to see they do more than just arrest somebody and take family members to jail.

We do help people- that’s why most of us got into this profession is to help people.”

The newest Deputy Chief is also hoping to be an inspiration to other girls in following their dreams and achieving their goals.

Don’t be afraid of it. I grew up with all boys. I grew up with a brother and a couple of cousins, so I was kind of used to it,” she said. “Everyone, actually, has to prove themselves. I don’t just have to be a woman. Men have to prove themselves in this profession, and it obviously just takes hard work, dedication and determination, and you can move up also.”

Congratulations Tammie Stanley on your history-making new position, here's to continued success!!

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