Will you be watching former Chicago Cub, David Ross, compete on "Dancing With The Stars?"

Former Chicago Cub, David Ross, had a storybook ending to his career. He retired right after the team won the World Series.

If you were worried about what Grandpa Rossy was going to do next, you don't have to. He was hired by the Cubs to work in the front office.

He also has another new gig. He's going to be a contestant on "Dancing With The Stars 2017." The season kicks of tonight (Monday, March 20th).

I realize that "Dancing With The Stars" isn't for everyone. Personally, I've never watched the show. I might check it out to support the former Cub.

Here's some things to think about, if you've never had the desire to ever watch the show before.

Will you now watch "Dancing With The Stars" to support David Ross?

If you do end up watching, will you tell anyone that you are?

Will you participate in the "watercooler talk" at work about the show?

If you are going to miss an episode, will you DVR it?

Do you think you will stop watching if he gets knocked out or will you pay attention to the whole season?

Will you be looking at and participating in social media about his appearance on the show?

On show nights, will you being wearing Cub gear?

If he loses, will you be mad?

As an added bonus, Chicago native and actor, Mr. T, is also dancing the season.

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