Former Chicago Cub, David Ross, experienced an awkward moment with his partner on "Dancing with the Stars."

According to Yahoo,

"David's partner, Lindsay Arnold, did a cartwheel, which ended with her in a handstand in front of Ross — and then she passed gas. Not only was her rear only just a few inches from the slugger’s face; it was directly on top of his mic."

Video: DWTS Lindsay farts in David's face

I think it's cool that it happened and they actually played the scene on TV. We all do it and it's okay if you do. Even in front of the opposite sex.

Plus, farts make people laugh. Well, at least most of the time.

I remember when I was a junior is high school. I really liked this girl in my gym. We got along pretty well and hung out in class. One day the teacher made us stretch out. She gave me a hand to get up from the floor. Right then, I let one slip. I was so embarrassed.

One of my friends growing up had an older brother who was a big bully. He would always picked on us and tried to fart on us. He was a total jerk. It brings back nightmares just thinking about it.


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