Next Monday The Chicago Cubs will have their 2017 home opener.

Chicago Cubs Victory Celebration
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There is so much planned for the Chicago Cubs home opener next Monday. Think about how electric Wrigley Field will be on opening day 2017. But the big question is, will everything be ready?

Lots of improvements, and changes are being made to Wrigley Field to welcome home last years World Series champs. Chicago weather can sometimes put things behind schedule for construction improvements. Now that we are less than a week away from the home opener, the Chicago Cubs are in working around the clock to finish all projects.

Here are a few of the Wrigley Field improvements:

  • Marquee Changes
  • Concession Changes
  • Infield Grass
  • Bullpens Under Bleachers
  • Right Field
  • Outdoor Plaza

Of course everything will be ready, it's the Chicago Cub way. Check that, the NEW Chicago Cub way.

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