A new apartment building will be replacing a longstanding shop in the Wrigleyville area.

I've been going to Cubs games for pretty much my whole life. My father used to take me to games as a kid.

After college, when I moved to Rockford a couple of my friends headed to the city. It was great because I always had a place to stay in Chicago. They lived just a few short blocks from Wrigley Field.

I pretty much hung out there every weekend, especially in the summer. It was so much fun going to games and hanging out in the neighborhood. I have a lot of awesome memories from back in those days.

I'll be the first to admit, even though it was an exciting party area, it definitely needed some upgrades. That includes the iconic stadium.

Besides winning the World Series since they bought the team, the next best thing the Ricketts Family, owner of the Cubs, did was renovate Wrigley Field and the community around it.

They started with the building itself. Going is such a different experience now. It's so much better. Then, the owners started buying property all around the neighborhood. Again, making many improvements. If you haven't been to Wrigleyville in a while, you won't recognize the place.

There is a cost of progress. Some of the original businesses are gone. Places I looked forward to visiting when I make it down to that area. Another casualty has recently been announced.

According to bleachernation.com,

"The YESTERDAY nostalgia shop you’ve passed by 1,000 times on your way to Wrigley Field will soon close its doors permanently and be turned into another disappearing-neighborhood three-flat. But I can’t be the only one who saw that place as a landmark. It’s an institution. It’s in nearly every single memory of every trip to Wrigley Field."

Twitter page...

It will be added to that book of memories for when I get together with my buddies and we have one of those "remember that place" moments.

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