The ultimate movie theater is opening in a popular Illinois neighborhood.

The Coolest Neighborhood In Illinois

There are a lot of great neighborhoods in Illinois, particularly in Chicago but there is one that is far above the rest. That is Wrigleyville, which is the area around the historic Wrigley Field. Especially, with all the changes and upgrades that have happened over the past few years. It is a mecca of fun.

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus
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Lots Of Competition For Businesses In Wrigleyville

Wrigleyville is a very popular destination in Chicago so there are many visitors to the area that can support many different kinds of businesses including restaurants, bars, shops, and so much more. There is still competition for dollars. If you are going to be opening a place in that area, you better make sure it is something special.

Chicago Cubs Fans Watch Wild Card Game in Wrigleyville
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A Movie Theater Is Opening In Wrigleyville

If you told me there was a movie theater opening up across from Wrigley Field, I would probably tell you that is crazy. Well, it just happened a few minutes ago but I found out a little bit more about it and I believe it is perfect for Wrigleyville.

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The Ultimate Movie Theater Is Opening In Wrigleyville

Only a very special movie theater can survive being in Wrigleyville and this is the perfect way to do it. "Alamo Drafthouse Cinema" has just announced a new location opening across from Wrigley Field.

According to, 

"We’re opening our very first theater in the Windy City, and we’re so excited to grab an Italian beef and a proper Chicago dog."


"The new Alamo Drafthouse Wrigleyville will be located literally across the street from Wrigley Field in the Addison And Clark development, so close you could catch a foul ball in the middle of a movie party."


What's Special About Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Here are some things that will make this theater special

  • Their motto is "The best film, food and drink all in one seat."
  • All genres of movies are shown, not just the blockbusters.
  • Food, beverages, and refills are brought directly to your seat.
  • Full menu with items made fresh by a chef.
  • Special meals prepared for movie themes.
  • Beers from local breweries served.
  • New cocktail options featured by bartenders.
  • The latest technology for sight and sound of the movies.
  • Zero-tolerance policy for talking and cellphone use.
  • No commercials before the main feature.
  • Comfortable seating angled towards the screen.
  • Voted "The Coolest Movie Theater In The World."

Looks like a place I would definitely like to check out. Can we get one in Rockford? For more info, HERE.

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