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Matthew Bartsch has been working security at Swedes for decades. His love for his job and love of life has earned him the nickname, "Mr. Mom." But according to WREX it's another nickname that is tasty.

Matthew "Mr Donuts" Bartsch has an additional job at Sullivan's in Winnebago, where he prepares these sweet treats. His love of donut making a living up to the "Mr. Mom" nickname, earned him "Mr. Donuts" as his new name. Spreading love, sharing donuts, this man is a saint!  What started as a casual, "here try these donuts I made" turned into Matthew sharing his donuts with the entire heath system. He doesn't ask for anything is return. He doesn't want to be recognized, but now he is!

Mr. Donut is humble, gracious, kind, and apparently one hell of a baker! These are the kind of people that the world needs more of. There isn't a Mr. Donut in our building, we have donut eaters and stealers, but no Mr. Donut. Take care of that man, Swedes.

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