There are so many donut shops across the entire state but only one is considered the best in Illinois.

It's so good, it's actually one of the 10 best donut shops in America.


Yelp just published their list of the Top 100 US Donut Shops for 2022 and this place in the Land of Lincoln is skyrocketing up the charts.

Just a quick look at their Facebook page shows that their shop has only been open since 2019.


This also means that they opened shortly before the beginning of the pandemic and have managed to strive and survive during a tumultuous time for the food industry.

That's because Dip and Sip Donuts is leaning into our nostalgia for donuts from yesteryear:

Remember waking up and smelling fresh donuts that were just brought home. And you just knew they were made fresh either at the bakery or the local donut shop. You could taste them before you took a bite.

Dip and Sip Donuts is bringing the local donut shop back to the neighborhood!

While sure, Dip and Sip make donuts for the locals, they also do some other stuff just as well.


In addition to donuts, this shop specializes in glazes, creams, and candied bacon made in-house daily. Customers can order pre-made donuts like the John Lemon Pistachio (with a lemon glaze and crushed pistachios) or Grandma Annie’s Boston Cream (with chocolate glaze and chocolate shavings)—or make their own creation by selecting a glaze, drizzle, and topping from a long list of options.

Yelp reviewer Tammy W. says "Probably the best cake donuts I’ve ever had. They are made fresh each day and so moist for a cake donut."

Next time you're in Chicago, make a stop and try it for yourself. Dip and Sip is located at 2256 West Roscoe.

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