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With the ULIMATE STIMULUS CHECK  you could win up to $10,000. We give you 10 Cash Codes per day, you take those words to our app and type it in. That's as easy as eating a dozen Edwards Apple Orchard Donuts! Yummmm....

So here's a delicious hypo, what if you win $10,000 and spent it all on donuts. Obviously you would need to share with us, and others, but what a sweet idea.

Edwards Apple Orchard West has you covered with their delicious Apple Cider Donuts at $10.99 per dozen, believe me when I tell you they are worth EVERY penny. So let's say you win the Ultimate Stimulus Check and you want to spend it all on Edward's yummy Apple Cider Donuts...

  • At $10.99 a dozen, that's 909 dozen donuts.
  • A dozen (12) times 909 equals 10,908 Apple Cider Donuts

I would thing calling in advance would be required, as well as sharing with us...I can't state that enough people. Maybe we can put all the donuts in the back of the 96.7 The Eagle truck, crank up "We Are The World" and drive around handing them out?

Located at 8218 Cemetery Rd. in Winnebago, Edwards Apple Orchard offers WAY more than Apple Cider Donuts, but a guy can dream.


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