One of my favorite parts of this job, is telling people they are awesome.



Once a month we hand out an award that tells someone they are awesome. Today we say thank you to a fixture of what is right and "awesome" in Rockford, Whitney Martin from 23 WIFR.

Giving back to the community that you work in is a big deal to Whitney. It's more than just getting a touching, heartfelt story on the 10 o'clock news. The stories that she tells and events that she is involved with, defines the type of person she is.

I personally take a lot of pride in being involved with local events. How can I give back, spread a good word, raise money where needed. What I do is a fraction of what Whitney does. She uses her "celebrity" to help, heal, and touch lives in the Rockford area ALL THE TIME. I show up at an event, Whitney is there. I promote an organization that highlights positives in Rockford, Whitney is the spokesperson. She truly cares, it is who she is.

Whitney's latest focus has been on the homeless in Rockford. She spent six months beside the homeless community of Rockford. Where they find shelter, how they survive and find refuge.

Whitney Martin's dedication and passion for the Rockford area is obvious. You can hear it is her voice, you can see it in her smile, and that to me is AWESOME.

Our October winner of the "96.7 The Eagle Thinks You're Awesome" Award, is Whitney Martin from 23 WIFR. Thank you Whitney, Rockford is very lucky to have you.






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