A Chicago White Sox fan was arrested for running on the field during a game.

I saw this story while watching TV. I immediately thought I needed to share it.

According to dnainfo.com,

"A White Sox fan was arrested Sunday after he charged onto the baseball diamond at Guaranteed Rate Field."

The best part, it was caught on video. The guy had some pretty sweet moves to avoid security. I hope you get a good laugh out of it.

Video: White Sox fan runs onto the field! April 23, 2017

I'm sure the guy is going to have to spend some serious cash to get out of this one.

When I was in college, one of my buddies always talked about jumping on the field at a Cub's game. He said he wanted to slide into second base.

He ended up leaving Illinois State and transferring to Columbia College in Chicago, so I didn't see him for a while. The next time I ran into, he said he did it. During a Cub's game, he ran onto the field, and slide into second base.

He said it was one of the most exciting things he ever did, but he had to pay a steep price.

The security caught him right after he slide into the base. They roughed him up, so he had some medical bills. He spent the night in a Chicago jail, which isn't a fun place to hang out. Luckily, he didn't have to do any time for it. He did have a huge fine and lots of community service. He was also on court supervision for a long time.

Remember I said he had changed schools. His first day of class of the next semester, the teacher was the cop who arrested him that day. He worked at the college part-time. How awkward.

He said it was definitely not worth all the trouble. Too bad he couldn't have warned that crazy White Sox fan.


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