You'll never believe who made a special DoorDash food delivery in Illinois this week.

Illinois DoorDash Delivery Driver Arrested

A man in Illinois was working for DoorDash to make some extra. While out on a delivery, he was spotted by an Oak Park officer who recognized him. The driver had a warrant for arrest, so the cop busted the guy. Unfortunately, he was in the middle of a job. Someone wasn't going to get their food.

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Illinois Man's DoorDash Food Order Is Taking Way To Long

A gentleman who lives in Oak Park had just finished a short health fast and he was starving but too tired to go anywhere. He decided to make a DoorDash order. It had been taking a long time and the app showed him that the driver had been stopped at one place for a long time. He figured it wasn't going to happen so he contacted DoorDash. They gave him a complete refund.

Unique Illinois DoorDash Delivery Driver
Unique Illinois DoorDash Delivery Driver

Surprise Delivery Driver Finally Delivers DoorDash Order

The suspect told the arresting officer that he was in the middle of a delivery and had someone's food in his car. The cop decided to fix the problem himself. He figured the right thing to do was to finish the job. A couple of minutes later, there was a knock on the customer's door. The policeman was delivering his food. He was very appreciative.

According to,

An Oak Park man received the surprise delivery of a lifetime earlier this month when a police officer delivered his food following the arrest of the man's delivery driver.


The men and women of the Oak Park Police Department understand what it means to serve the community in every sense.

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