Does anybody know where that smell is coming from?

I was reading a story on about an airplane that smelled so bad, they had to do an emergency landing.


That reminded me of the one time I had a smelly time on an airplane.

I was traveling from Rockford to Dallas to visit my friend from high school.

I was flying out of the Rockford airport. This is before it adopted the name "Chicago Rockford International Airport."

Back then, you would fly a small plane to Detroit. Then transfer to a bigger plane for your final destination.

When I say small, I mean small. It had three seats across. Two on onside and one on the other. It also had propellers. It kind of felt like riding a roller coaster.

As people started boarding the flight, I started to smell something bad. I wasn't sure what it was at first. After a couple of minutes, I figured it out. It was really bad body odor.

It got so bad at one point, I checked my own armpits to make sure it wasn't me.

There was no way to get away from it. I even tried lifting my shirt over my nose. That didn't work. It was so bad, I started feeling sick.

I could tell everyone could smell it and we all were trying to figure out who it was. I thought it was a guy in the back.


Luckily, it was a short flight. I was praying that whoever the person was, didn't end up on my next plane.

When I think back on that smelly trip, it was so bad. I wonder if the bad odor stayed on board for the next group.

Kind of like that episode of Seinfeld, when Jerry couldn't the valet parking attendants scent out of his car.


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