Where would you want to spread your ashes in Rockford?

Some people have everything planned out for when they pass away. Others don't even want to think about it. If you want things done a special way, you better let someone know. That way it will actually happen.

If you decide to get cremated, what do you want done with your remains? Do you want them placed in an urn and then put up on the fireplace mantel?

Would you want your family to take your ashes somewhere special and have them spread there?

I read a story at nytimes.com about a man's final wishes for his remains.

"He was a plumber and a big baseball fan, so he wanted his ashes flushed down public restroom toilets of major league ballparks between innings."

Of course, that got me thinking. Where would be some good places to have your remains spread in Rockford.

1. Rock River - Hanging on the river

2. Rock Cut State Park - Big outdoors person

3. Symbol - Art is your thing

4. Mary's Place - Listen to local music

5. Beyer Stadium - Rockford Peaches fan

6. Coronado Performing Arts Center - Crown jewel of the city

7. Davis Park - Remember On The Waterfront

8. Forest Hills Country Club - Golfer

9. CherryVale Mall - Shopper

10. Lino's - Love pizza

What are your final wishes?

Where would you want your ashes spread in Rockford?

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