A recent death by an overdose of THC is the first one ever on record.

One thing I've always heard about marijuana is you couldn't O.D. on it. Supposedly, it would be impossible to smoke enough to come even close.

Well, I guess that thought process is no longer true.

According to fox32chicago.com,

"A Louisiana woman who died in February was killed from THC overdose, according to a coroner who said he reached the conclusion this month from a toxicology report. The coroner's claim would make it the first-ever recorded death from a marijuana overdose."

The autopsy found no other substances or ailments in her body.

The coroner said that the THC in her system likely came through a vaping device with highly concentrated THC oil. I’m thinking this lady must have vaped this THC oil and got a high level in her system and it made her stop breathing, like respiratory failure."

There are naysayers that believe there is more to the story. Currently, there isn't a level which is considered toxic. They think much more THC should have shown up in her system to cause any problems. Weed products are used over a billion times each year and would cause many more deaths if this was the case.


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