Are you one of what I can only assume are a handful of people that actually like Peeps marshmallows? Do you like them to the point that you'd drink them?

Pepsi and Peeps just announced a new deal where they're going to work together on a new soda; classic Pepsi with Peeps flavor added in.

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They'll come in a three pack of cans that are the iconic yellow, blue, and pink.


As a fan of sodas, I am excited to try this, but the only thing is that you can't buy it in stores. It's a giveaway.

The Pepsi Peeps won't be for sale in stores. Instead you'll need to photograph "your favorite springtime activities in a safe, socially distant manner" with Peeps. Then, you'll tag Pepsi and use the hashtags #HangingWithMyPEEPS and #PepsiSweepstakes.

Your chances are actually pretty high, since the entries are due by Wednesday, March 31st, and they're giving away 3,170 three-packs according to the fine print on their website.

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