I'm not from the Rockford area, so the only greasy food I recognize here other than the token fast food chains is Portillo's.  Which would probably be my go-to place to celebrate 'Greasy Food Day'.

But I wanted to see what my options were, so I made a list of all the Rockford restaurants you should stop by to get your local fast food fix.

  1. Beef-A-Roo - Don't let the gluten free menu option fool you... this will ALWAYS be the place to go in Rockford when you're in the mood for a guilty, greasy meal.
  2. Uncle Nick's -  Some have said their gyros are WORLD famous.  If that's not a reason enough, go check out some pictures of their food, hungry yet?
  3. El Burrito Loco - They've sold almost 10 million burritos, how about you make it 10 million and 1?
  4. Pete's Tom & Jerrys Restaurant - 'King of the gyros' ... it's totally acceptable to eat gyros for lunch and dinner.
  5. Buddy's Burgers - They don't serve up your average burger, they'll make all of your burger dreams come true.

In a hurry?  There's always the classics like McDonald's, Burger King, Steak & Shake, Taco Bell, Wendy's, or Culver's.  But we think you should support a Rockford business this 'Greasy Food day'!

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