What restaurant in Rockford do you think you could eat at everyday for a year?

I recently read a story on npr.org,

"Mike Sutter, San Antonio food critic, ate at a different taco place every day for a year."

Since Rockford is a lot smaller than San Antonio, I thought it would be difficult to do something like that here.

I don't think there's even enough total restaurants in Rockford to do a different one everyday. Let alone the same food at a different place everyday for a year.

So, I put my own little twist on it.

What restaurant in Rockford could you eat at everyday for a year?

This is a very difficult decision. There are so many good places.

Here's where I've narrowed it down to.

JMK Nippon - I could eat that filet mignon with fried rice along with their soup and salad everyday.

Stockholm Inn - It's kind of my go to place, because I live close to it. They have a wide variety that could keep me satisfied for a long time.

Giuseppe's Pizza - I could eat pizza everyday all year, no problem. There are several pizza places I like in Rockford. It's so hard to pick just one. I will drive across town to get Giuseppe's, so I would say they are my favorite.

What food could you eat everyday for a year?

This is easy, especially if I could get a different kind everyday.

Pizza - It's been my favorite food my whole life.

What do you think? Please leave your comments.


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