There are many great musicians from Illinois, but what is the best song about our state.

A website called came up with a great list of songs.

"The Best Song About All 50 U.S. States."

Why did they decide to do it?

"Quick, what's your state song? Exactly. There's a reason nobody can name their state's official song, and that reason is they all pretty much suck. But what are they, you ask Well, we decided to find out, identifying the best song about every single US state (or, at least about a city, landmark, or something in every single state). In the end, there were a ton, but we narrowed it down to these 50 -- perfect for putting a cool twist on your next road-trip rendition of "The License Plate Game."

What is the best song about Illinois?

  • "Sweet Home Chicago", The Blues Brothers
    "While there might well be over 100,000 songs about Chicago, do any of them scream "Windy City" like Blues and Elwood's rendition of this blues classic? The short answer: no."

Are you surprised?

Do you agree or is there a different one you prefer?

Video: Blues Brothers - Sweet Home Chicago

What about our friends to the north, Wisconsin?

  • Wisconsin "In the Street" (Theme from That 70's Show), Cheap Trick
    "So what if Ashton Kutcher happens to be from Iowa? This song fronted the most popular show about America's Dairyland that didn't involve a guy named Fonz and makes sure everyone knows that "We're all still rockin' in Wisconsin."

What do you think about this choice?

I think it's great because it's done by our hometown boys.

Video: Cheap Trick - That 70's Show Theme Song

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