You might be surprised by the pizza everyone is obsessed with in Illinois.

I enjoy pizza a lot. It's my favorite food. I could eat it just about every day of the week. I'm always looking for the next great pizza.

I would dare to say that Illinois is a pizza loving state. Especially, when you are talking about Chicago. It even has its own style of pizza, Chicago Deep Dish.

So when I saw the article "The Pizzeria Everyone Is Obsessed With In Your State"  on, I definitely had to check that out.

Before I looked up Illinois, I immediately thought it had to be some sort of thick crust stuffed delight. Boy, was I shocked when I saw the winner.

Of course, it was a Chicago place. The surprising fact was they don't serve Chicago Deep Dish. They make New Haven Style.

Don't get me wrong. It's not a bad thing. I've been there and the pizza is great.

Plus, here's something else that is cool.

One of the owners is Rick Nielsen, Rock n Roll Hall of Famer Guitar Player from Rockford's very own Cheap Trick.

Do yourself a favor. Next time you are heading into Chicago, make plans to stop there for dinner.

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