This is a huge weekend for "illegal" fireworks in Illinois.


Fireworks background

No doubt we will hear and see fireworks all weekend long throughout the stateline.

A large percentage of these are obviously illegal. The state of Illinois has really strict guidelines on what is allowed, so let's take a look.

It's really quite a short list of what is legal in Illinois. Rockford Police will take action if they catch you with illegal firework, so be warned.

According to USFIREWORKS here is a list of legal AND illegal fireworks in Illinois. In order to have the majority of these, you will need a permit. Contact local law enforcement about how to obtain or to learn more.


  • Bottle Rockets: Need Permit
  • Sky Rockets:   Need Permit
  • Roman Candles: Need Permit
  • Firecrackers: Need Permit
  • Sparklers: LEGAL
  • Smoke and punk: LEGAL
  • Missles: Need Permit
  • Fountains: Need Permit
  • Novelties: LEGAL
  • Crackle and Strobe: Need Permit
  • Parachutes: Need Permit
  • Wheels and Spinners: Need Permit
  • Sky Fliers: Need Permit
  • Displays Shells: Need Permit
  • Aerial Items: Need Permit

Be safe and be SMART with what you do this weekend. Spending the 4th of July in jail doesn't sound too awesome.










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