Tina Fox has returned from a well deserved vacation to L.A.

Photo - Tina Fox
Photo - Tina Fox

Her drive and passion to deliver a great radio show is unmatched. Also she has drive and passion to look and feel good when she does it.

So what does it take to be Tina Fox? Thankfully we have a camera in the studio that can better help paint this picture.

When asked what her daily routine consists of before she goes on the air, her is what she said:

  • Hit snooze, maybe a few times
  • Sit in front of a space heater as I put my pants on
  • Find matching socks
  • Coffee - Thankfully someone brings her a cup everyday
  • Play With Benson - Benson The Bulldog is her best friend

Once Tina settles into her day, she is firing on all cylinders. Now that Double T is here, she has to be on her best behavior. You would swear these tow have known each other for 20 years they way they get along.




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