All this week I am, Double T.

Man sleeping
Man comfortably sleeping in his bed

The funny part about filling in for Double T all week, the conversation flashbacks.

Back in September of 2016 the conversations start about bringing Double T to mornings on 96.7 The Eagle. I can remember a specific conversation that now makes me crack up. We were sitting at our little "hidden meeting spot" working out all the details and this overwhelming feeling hit me. "Oh wait, when Double T takes vacation...I will be the guy waking up at 4:30am to fill in".

Well here we are, Double T's first full week of vacation and here I am in the studio typing this at 6am. I really don't mind the whole waking up early thing at all. I got home from Naperville at 12:30am and up after 4am, no big deal. I'm sure by Friday I "might" be singing a different tune.

Here are a few of these tricks that I might try this week:

  • Get up one minute earlier everyday - Nothing like playing mental games with yourself
  • Use Peer Pressure - Schedule mandatory meetings and events with others early
  • Troubleshoot why you suck at waking up early - Watching too much late night TV? Eating too late?
  • Track your waking up process - Physically write down your patterns as a reminder
  • Give yourself a GREAT reason to wake up early - Reward your lack of sleep as the day goes on

Again, I might dip into this by weeks end. Good morning Rockford!



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