Toilet paper, wipes, change, peaceful protesters, truthful COVID posts of Facebook, now PEPPERONI. There's a freakin' pepperoni shortage. Go home 2020, you're drunk.

According to Bloomberg the USA has a shortage of one of my favorite pizza toppings.

January 2019, pepperoni was going for $2.87 a pound it is now sitting around $6.00 a pound.

"Pork processors are basically just shipping out large pieces of meat for further processing, they’re not doing as much because they don’t have the people to do the work.” Barry Friends - Food service consultant Pentallect


It is a supply AND a demand thing. The big boys, Pizza Hut, Papa John's, etc...are not bothered by these pepperoni price hikes, they typically sign annual deals. It's the smaller pizza shops like we have here in Rockford and surrounding communities.

Beef prices spikes are well at the start of COVID but have sense went back down. Pepperoni on the other hand is high.

Please still get out there and support your local pizza shops, they need us now.


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