We've got your Halloween dinner plans covered.

Don't miss out on this spooky pizza Papa John's is offering for Halloween.

Check it out -

It's SO cute. I have a feeling it would be an instant hit at any party.

Delish details -

The jack-o'-lantern pizza is a large, thin crust pie that uses toppings to make it look like a carved pumpkin. There's a pepperoni border and pepperoni smiley face on the pie, as well as black olives to resemble eyes. You see it, right?

According to the Papa John's website, the pizza arrives uncut and it is meant to feed a big group. "We cater to our customers by offering fun pizza specials that can feed an entire costume party's worth of people," they wrote on the site.

So grab your besties and make sure you get a jack-o-lantern pizza before spooky season is over.

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