The cheese gods were obviously listening and have now answered our cheesy prayers by making stuffed Cheez-It squares available at Pizza Hut.

According to WDIV, stuffed Cheez-It squares feature four baked jumbo squares topped with that distinctly sharp, real cheese taste you know and love from Cheez-It baked to toasty perfection. Holy hell, that sounds amazing.

Chief Brand Officer, Marianne Radley said in a statement:  "We pride ourselves on being the go-to for unexpected pizza innovations, and I can't think of a more badass partner than Cheez-It to bring our next original menu item to life."

Cheez-Its are a weakness of mine, if you put a box in front of me, I'll eat the entire thing. This is something I'm not proud but we all have our weaknesses.

The Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza is available at the regular menu price of $6.49.

Like all things that are amazing in like this in life, this heavenly creation will only be available for a limited time.


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