If you have an inactive I-PASS account with money still left in it, here's how to get those funds back.

Maybe you used to travel on I-90 all the time for work. It just made sense to have an I-PASS to save money and for convenience.

Now, you stay close to home. You still have the transponder in your car but haven't used it in years. In fact, the credit card on the account expired and it's inactive. The only problem is there's still money on it. You don't just want to let them keep it.

Can you get that cash returned? Yes, you can and here's how.

According to illinoistollway.com,

"Close your I-PASS account and get a refund. If you have an I-PASS transponder(s) registered to your account and wish to reclaim your deposit, as well as any remaining funds credited to the account, you may close your account in person or by mail."

"In-person, please bring your I-PASS transponder(s) to an Illinois Tollway Customer Service Center."

"By mail, please wrap your I-PASS transponder(s) in aluminum foil and include a letter requesting that the account be closed. The letter should include your name and return address. Mail to I-PASS Fulfillment Center, P.O. Box 806518, Chicago, IL 60680. "

"Your balance and deposit will be refunded within 45 days of receipt, less any administrative fees provided the transponder is returned in good condition."

Of course, you can re-activate your account.

If you do nothing...

"The Illinois Tollway will close your account and have any remaining funds credited to your account transferred to the Illinois State Treasurer’s I-Cash Program."

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