An Australian man had invented the greatest thing ever.

hamburgers and hotdogs cooking on flaming grill

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the Hamdog. What is the Hamdog, only the answer to your prayers.

How many times have you thrown a BBQ cranked up The Eagle and thought, If only I had a bun that would hold a hot dog and hamburger. Worry no more my friends. This guy may be Australian but it sounds to me like he was chanting "USA, USA, USA", while creating this.

According to BroBible Australian born Mark Murray debuted his amazing creation on the Australian version of the T.V. show Shark Tank.

Could you imagine this in your favorite Rockford eatery? Would you hit up the drive thru for a Hamdog on your lunch break? What if your boss brought in lunch for the entire staff and it was nothing but Hamdogs.



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