Love cheese curds? Love hot dogs? Do you find yourself wishing there was a place that combined both?

I mean, who doesn't love cheese curds and who doesn't love a good hot dog?

Well, the home of the cheese curd, Wisconsin is topping hot dogs with that fried cheese goodness and it's getting some notice nationally.

Lovefood put together a list of America's Very Best Hot Dog Joints, and their pick for The Dairy State has got one of the most amazing hot dogs you'll ever see.

It's from this place called The Vanguard, a restaurant in Milwaukee, which by the way has one of the most peculiar-looking Facebook pages I have ever laid eyes on. (What's up with all the 80s wrestling imagery?)

Anyway, one of the must-have items on the menu at The Vanguard sounds like it's absolutely to die for. Sure hot dogs topped with cheese curds sound like heaven but what if you replaced the dog with a sausage?


People like the variety of sausage options, but you're in Wisconsin after all so there's just one thing to order – the city's namesake dog. The Milwaukee is a classic sausage served in a fresh roll, topped with cheese curds, Cheddar and Cheez Whiz.

The Vanguard on Yelp is rated a 4.5 out of 5 with Paul V. mentioning "For artisanal 'styled' brats, in a nice lively atmosphere, definitely check out Vanguard. I've never left disappointed after six visits and I've tried a variety of their food."

Mirella G. on Yelp has other ideas though saying "Well, I ordered the Milwaukee style hot dog with Bratwurst sausage and the cheese curds. It was OK, not as delicious as the picture makes you think."

This sounds like something we need to try. Order this cheesy masterpiece at 2659 South Kinnickinnic Avenue in Milwaukee.

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