Well if I'm going to be replaced...


Photo - Erik Turnner
Photo - Erik Turnner

With our big rock show starring Warrant this Saturday night down at Poopy's in Savanna, a fun conversation turned into a game of "I can do your job".

So with that said, here is the plan for this Friday on The Eagle. Erik Turner, guitar player, co-founder of Warrant, will take over 96.7 The Eagle this Friday at 4 pm. It's all up to Erik, all in his hands. What is played, what is said, how loud things get, all Erik.

I can not be held responsible for what is said and done during the 4 o'clock hour this Friday afternoon.

Let's take a look at your "Special Guest DJ's" track record:


  • Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich
  • Cherry Pie
  • Dog Eat Dog
  • Ultraphobic
  • Belly to Belly
  • Greatest & Latest
  • Under the Influence
  • Born Again
  • Rockaholic
  • Louder, Harder, Faster

O.K., so Erik Turner of Warrant has had some multi-million album selling success in his career. But how will he do behind the microphone on 96.7 The Eagle on Friday afternoon? Tune in Friday at 4 pm to find out.

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