Warrant is set to rock the house Thursday, March 29th at The Arcada Theatre in St. Charles.



About 45-50 minutes away from Rockford in beautiful downtown St. Charles, Warrant is ready to crank it up to 11 and throw a kick-ass rock-n-roll party next Thursday. I've had the chance to speak with Erik Turner, guitarist from Warrant a few different times, what a class act.

So I thought besides promoting the show at "Ron's House" (the Arcada Theatre) I would pick his brain a little. Is it possible to get this guy fired up? Can I get this humble rocker to say anything bad about another band? What does he thing about Kanye West? Finally, what does he REALLY think of his band Warrant?

I'm looking forward to rockin' out on a Thursday night with Ron and friends at the Arcada. For tickets, directions, etc CLICK HERE.

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