The desire to smoke pot might actually come from your genes.

Do you feel like you could smoke weed all the time?

It might not be your fault. Your genes could be causing your desire for marijuana.

According to,

"If you smoke marijuana, your genes could be partially to blame. That’s because a new study, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, found that there are actually 35 different genes that make a person more likely to take a puff of a joint or munch on some pot edibles."

In the study they found...

If you are at risk for things like schizophrenia and ADHA, there's a more likely chance of starting marijuana use.

Also, if you're susceptible to risky type behavior like drinking or smoking, it's more likely you'll use pot too.

Being extroverted can lead a person to weed.

Unfortunately, your genes can't perfectly determine if you're going to be a pothead. The study found only 11% of people could be determined.

Still, it never hurts to try and say if you get caught smoking marijuana to blame it on your parents.


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