The Insane Inflatable 5k is this Saturday at The Boone County Fair Grounds, here are a few helpful hints.

Runner - running shoes closeup


Finishing the course is important, how and where you finish not so much. As long as you have fun at Insane Inflatable, you have already won.

Making sure you can go the distance and have the endurance to do so is important. You would think that if you were training for a marathon, that physically training would be that end all be all, not true.

According to Carrots and Cake here are Five Tricks for Running Farther.

  • Play the number games - Let's say you have a 12 mile race, split it up into 3 mile segments instead of just going for all 12.
  • Pick a destination - Mentally place yourself in your run ahead of time. OK, I'm going to run past the corner and down to the school before I turn around.
  • Distract your brain - Music, books on tape, Podcasts, go somewhere else mentally
  • Find a mantra that keeps you going - Everyone and their brother has a favorite quote on Facebook. Find one that means something to you and use it.
  • Imagine yourself on race day - Envision yourself in the race, seeing the finish line

While Insane Inflatable 5k is all about having fun, these will help you as you smile all the way to the finish line.

Sign up below and see ya Saturday.



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