At Jackson Park in Chicago, there is a Yoko Ono sculpture to visit.

I work at 96.7 The Eagle, Rockford's Home for Classic Rock, so of course, I am a big fan of all the music and artists. I am also a student of the history of the bands and songs. I enjoy watching documentaries and biopics about it. I will read about it too. One of my favorite things to do is visit legendary sights. Also, going to see events featuring information.

Recently, I took my family on road trips into Chicago to check out the Rolling Stones Exhibit at Navy Pier and Stay Tuned: Rock On TV at the Museum of Broadcast Communication. Both had amazing collections of artifacts and memorabilia on display.

A couple of months ago, the television news show, 20/20, featuring a segment about John Lennon and Yoko Ono. I also watched a documentary on Netflix about them over the summer. It piqued my interest about the famous couple. I did not know much about Ono except the supposed negative effects she had on the Beatles. I learned the good things she and Lennon accomplished together.

I just found out, Yoko Ono has some art on a public display at a park in Chicago. Since I am looking for things to keep me busy and outside helps out with the current social distancing situation, I think that might be my next drive into the city. Here is some information if you are thinking about checking it out too.

According to,

"Designed by activist and artist Yoko Ono, Skylanding is composed of 12 large steel lotus petals jutting from the ground of the Garden of the Phoenix in Jackson Park. This gleaming installation from the famed artist has become a major draw in the 600-acre park. The photogenic sculpture was erected as a symbol of peace, taking up residence on the site of a pavilion built by the Japanese government for the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition."  


For more info, HERE.

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