Third road rage arrest for an unlucky man in Illinois.

Sometimes, it's hard for me to not get angry driving through Rockford. At some point, another driver is going to pull a maneuver I'm not happy with.

I'll say a few curse words and be done with it. They can't even hear me but I usually feel better.

For some people, that's not enough to satisfy them. They need revenge. It's called "road rage." That could become very dangerous.

A man in Peoria, Illinois was recently arrested for road rage. It was the third time in four years. I think he might have a problem.

What does the chronic road rager say about his angry driving?

According to,

"The suspect called those reports “all lies." The 68-year-old said “he is just unlucky and obeys all traffic laws,” the report stated, “these things just follow me around.”

Yes, he's definitely old enough to know better.


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