road rage

Rockford Road Rage
My life is changing as we speak. My daughter just  received her driving permit yesterday. As a parent, I worry about her, especially when I see videos like this.
Road Rager Needs Decaf [NSFW VIDEO]
It happens to everyone. The fender bender. If you are at a cold stop and someone hits you from behind, they don't have to be traveling very fast for it to really jar you. Especially if you didn't see it coming. I've had buddies shove me from the back, just messing around and that put …
Road Rage Instant Karma (video)
To quote Pete Townshend, "...he's got crazy flipper fingers...". Yeah, that was me as a young man with a driver's license and an indestructible attitude. That changed one day as a nineteen year old driving in my hometown of Arlington Heights...