My drive to work this morning was for the birds.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

On my quiet drive to work this morning, a loud blast of stupid came from the car in front of me. As you enter the neighborhood where 96.7 The Eagle is located, you will see quite a few turkeys roaming around. A couple years ago I was like whoa, what is going on? Now it's pretty common.

As I was driving to work for this 8:30 meeting (btw sitting at my desk at 9:20 typing this, still no meeting) I saw a couple of the neighborhood feathered friends. These turkeys will randomly walk across the street, stopping traffic.  The lady in front of me was not having it and "Rockford Turkey Rage" set in.

Traffic stopped as these birds of a feather paraded across Brendenwood, and stopped. The woman sporting a "Jesus Saves" sticker and something else about "having her toes in the sand" let out an F-Bomb blast that would make Andrew "Dice" Clay blush. She hit the horn 100 times, told those f'ing, stupid f'ing turkeys to f'ing get out of her f'ing way, but yet they stood there.

Is your life that bad, that a turkey can get you that upset? Sure she was probably late for work, maybe her f'ing bible study had already started, but really it's a turkey.

Deep breath Rockford, glass half full, and enjoy your day!


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